Ventilation Analysis

Airflow Measurement

We can measure the fresh air coming into your rooms and building with highly accurate powered flow hoods.  This information, combined with the volume of the building, can allow us to model how much air exchange your rooms and building are getting.

Co2 Tracer Gas Testing

We will place Co2 data loggers in every area at 5 feet high,  then fill your rooms or building with 5,000ppm of Co2 tracer gas. Then we’ll turn on the ventilation system.  After the system has run for an hour, we will analyze the data and calculate the decay rate. This shows us actual air exchange possible with your system.

By calculating X amount of Co2 removed in Y minutes, we’ll know how much Co2 filled air was exchanged with fresh air.

Building and System Assessment

We will assess your buildings and give you recommendations on what can be done to improve filtration and ventilation in your building. We are experts in buildings, their systems, and the products that can improve the air quality.