About Us

Building IAQ, LLC

We offer the industry’s best products, on-site assessment testing, commissioning, and design assistance to help schools and commercial building managers create great indoor air quality.

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Our Founders

Keith O'Hara

Keith is a licensed C-20 HVAC, and B general building contractor. He has designed, installed, and commissioned thousands of ventilation, filtration, and heat pump systems. Keith’s HVAC company, Eco Performance Builders, specializes in ventilation, air filtration, heat pumps, insulation, and building performance systems. Keith is Building Performance Institute certified professional and presents nationally on ventilation and heat pump system performance. He also co-founded the Dry Climate Forum, an annual conference where building performance experts from around the country present on measured field data for ventilation, air quality, and high performance heat pump systems.

John Daley

John is a product specialist with 40 years of experience working with manufacturers, contractors, and facility managers to link them all together with the right solutions. John co-founded the RJA Group, which represents hundreds of products for some of the best manufacturers in the world.  The manufacturers they represent include Fujitsu, First Company, S&P, and more.  Both his industry relationships and product knowledge make him the reason we are able to represent the best manufacturers and products.

Together, Keith and John bring a combination of applied building science, building systems knowledge, and deep understanding of today’s best product solutions. 

Outside Sales

Brian Mcgarry

Brian McGarry has been providing top tier representation for some of the Industrie’s leading manufacturers for almost 30 years. He provides contractor training for the newest technology in Time Saving, performance enhancing tools. Brian has been married for almost 40 years and is a proud veteran.

Brian works to find the best solutions for schools and commercial buildings for indoor air quality products. He has vast experience getting the correct products to facilities and managing the process until delivery.

Air Quality Assessment

Consider contacting us before you make any purchasing decisions.

Many inferior, and even potentially harmful, products have popped up on the market because of the pandemic. We’re here to help you make a data-driven choice—for today and for the long-term air quality issues.

Toll Free: (800) 798-9458