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Every quality solution begins with a detailed assessment of the building and how it is used.

Filtration Systems

We can help you select one of our premium filtration systems to fit your needs and budget.

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ERV Ventilation

Reach the pinnacle of air quality with an energy-efficient ERV system and design.


Our mission is to provide analysis, recommendations, and the best products to improve air quality in schools and commercial buildings across the country.


Covid-19 & Beyond

There are three steps to making classrooms cleaner and safer for students now, and for the long haul.

  1. HEPA filtration units. These low-cost, easy to install system require no ducting or hard wiring. Cleaner classroom air can be achieved in just hours.
  2. Ventilation analysis. For long-term protection against smoke, mold, allergens, and microbes, an analysis of your building’s layout and current air quality will provide valuable data.
  3. Ventilation ERV System. A carefully designed ventilation system including filtration and energy efficiency.